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We act as Agents for foreign properties worldwide for both investment and personal use. To check where these are currently available, simply go to the property search page using the link on the left and consult the drop down menu.

Many of these are residential properties built to let, and include management services and 30 days free use per year for investors. Commercial investment properties are also available.

Many of these properties are sold off plan at well under market value, and by completion are expected to appreciate sufficiently for the rental to cover the mortgage costs.

To view a selection of those currently available, see the ‘Property Search’ page

Featured Development: Buccament Bay - Alaia Spa, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The Alaia Spa provides an escape into paradise whilst at the same time being a sound investment. As the world becomes ever more hurried and pressured the appeal of such an idyllic destination can only increase.

The spa villas are available as 1 or 2 bedroom homes.  Garden villas are also available.
NB. This image is computer generated.